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The death of a year-old girl after what seems like an ordinary fist-fight no weapons appeared to have been used has left a California community in shock and sadness. But the medical community says while rare, a fatal punch can and does happen. As far as police can tell, the blow did not come from a weapon, or a wall, or a windshield, but only the fists of another young girl, who is 11, whom she fought hours earlier.

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Our huge selection of footage, b-roll, and other clips give you what you need to shape your story. We know how long it takes and how much money it costs to shoot video. Your wallet will thank you with our affordable monthly and annual subscription options.

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The girls are not the weak sex. Meet this girls, each one fighitng for dreams and defeating fears. In WFx3 you can choose from many brave womans and know why are they fighting and giving the best for beat all their opponents. In this game you go to find: Game features: - 8 beautiful girls - Super combos - Comic style stories.

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Fighting, whether sanctioned or no-holds-barred, is without a doubt the oldest form of competition that mankind has ever engaged in. Technology rapidly came into play and has been seen out to its inevitable conclusion, which removes man from the equation almost entirely. Today, robotic drones are poised to do much of our fighting for us—whether we ultimately end up in a Robot Jox scenario where wars are decided by giant mech battles is a valid and awesome question.

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The best brawls in film have a way of bringing the viewer into the action, not allowing them to play the spectator. Some films, like Eastern Promises and Old Boyhold on to their subjects for so long that the violence becomes real, and the viewer becomes complicit in the act. Some of them are just full of mindless fun.

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A scuffle between a driver and a passenger caused their bus to plunge from a bridge into a river in southwest China, killing at least 13 people, police said Friday. Dramatic video footage of Sunday's crash shows a woman striking the driver over the head with an object, prompting him to hit back with one hand. The woman then lashes out once more.

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For the first time, Greenfield is stepping behind the camera, embracing a new role as producer and story writer on the upcoming comedy Fist Fightout this Friday. What drew you to the project? You make it sound so easy!

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Moving away from the non-political, across both sexes, Blacks are significantly more likely than Whites and Latinos to think they're strong enough to beat most people in a fist-fight pic. Mexican chicks can imagine being in one. Most people are women, so actually the guys are even more unrealistic about this than the girls.


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