Korean gay community

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Homosexuality has long been taboo in Korean society. The traditional Confucian emphasis on familial bonds led homosexuality to be regarded as detrimental to the societal order, as defined by the philosophy's five categories of social relationship. In the s, homosexuals were widely feared as AIDS carriers.

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This paper examines how Korean gays and lesbians negotiate South Korea's heteronormative system anchored in the heterosexual and patriarchal family through marriages of convenience "contract marriages". Korean gays and lesbians pursue contract marriages in order to fulfill their filial duties to marry, while maintaining their gay and lesbian lifestyles. Yet, in pursuing contract marriages as individuals but in the service of conforming to the family, they both reinscribe and transform the heteronormative values of marriage, family, and children.

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Photos by Manchul Kim. A Queer Culture Festival in Seoul last year drew more thanattendees, according to its organizers, but it was marred by protests and violence when anti-gay Christian groups stormed the event and assaulted participants, while police reportedly watched without interfering. But we cannot be erased.

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Many single gay natives and foreigners in Korea have, or have had these dating apps on their phones, largely due to the fact that natural encounters with other gay men in Seoul are quite seldom. Some people may find these applications promiscuous or distasteful, but in general, users will be able to find whatever they are looking for. Sure, active users may receive countless messages asking for sexual endeavors, but if they are opposed to these types of interactions, they have the option of ignoring or blocking them on the app.

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The South Korean military classes openly gay men in its ranks as having 'special needs' and campaigners say it actively pursues soldiers who have consensual same-sex intercourse with each other. SEOUL, South Korea — Productive and driven, he was a model army officer, but he had a secret: he was in a gay sexual relationship with a fellow soldier — a crime under South Korea's military law. He kept his sexuality hidden from everyone, including friends and family, only meeting his lover off-base and after work.

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We seek to transform the Korean American community into a welcoming and loving space for everyone. What this means is that everyday hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ Koreans experience a range of micro-aggressions, harassment, and violence. Conditions of homophobia in the Korean community may further contribute to LGBTQ members' struggles with internalized shame, family conflict, isolation, mental health, and substance abuse.

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Male and female same-sex sexual activity is legal in South Koreabut marriage or other forms of legal partnership are not available to same-sex partners. Article 31 of the National Human Rights Commission Act states that "no individual is to be discriminated against on the basis of his or her sexual orientation". However, Article 92 of the Military Penal Code, which is currently under a legal challenge, singles out sexual relations between members of the same sex as "sexual harassment", punishable by a maximum of one year in prison.

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This qualitative study investigates the different methods for selecting sex partners by Korean homosexuals considering factors related to homosexual identity and sexual behavior. We take the approach of the grounded theory to examine the issue of sexual partnering of men who have sex with men MSM. In-depth interviews of urban MSM and bisexual men were conducted.

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In just a few days, hundreds of athletes will descend on Pyeongchang, South Korea, for the Winter Olympics, including a number of gay and lesbian Olympians. There have never been laws against same-sex activity in Korea, and the ages of consent are equal for heterosexual and homosexual sex. But being gay is still culturally taboo: A majority of queer people are still closeted, and those who come out are often encouraged to undergo conversion therapy.

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Elise Hu. South Korea is one of the world's richest nations, a modern place with trends changing as fast as its Internet speeds. But when it comes to some social issues, the country has been slow to change — especially for gays and lesbians. While there are shows of support — this month, a record 85, people turned up at Seoul's annual pride festival, for example — recent events indicate South Korea's institutions and political class are only reluctantly tolerating sexual minorities.


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