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Unbalanced pH. Sounds like chemistry class, right? Literally — because when you feel different down there, like with a new odor or more-than-usual discharge, it could be a sign that your vaginal pH is off.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were using mice to study how eating yogurt affects weight gain when they noticed something strange. Not only were yogurt-fed rodents noticeably slimmer than their peers, but the males exhibited a distinct sexual " swagger ," complete with shinier fur and more pronounced Here, a brief guide to the unexpected development:.

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The study out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was performed on 40 male and 40 female mice, and was originally going to be used to try and find a connection between the consumption of yogurt and obesity. Researchers were surprised when they noticed, that after being fed a diet which included vanilla yogurt, the mouse test group noticed a heightened sex drive. Not only that, but the female mice who were in the yogurt group had larger litters.

Red Bull might give you wings, but yogurt gives you bigger cojones. Male mice that ate a diet supplemented with yogurt grew larger testicles. The studyby researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was intended to examine the effects of yogurt on obesity.

The results were being shocking as the research workers found that not only has been there effects on weight loss, but also on sexual interest, fertility and normal good health. The review out of the Massachusetts Start of Technology ended up being performed on Forty five male and Forty five female mice, along with was originally going to be used to try and locate a connection between the consumption of natural yoghurts and obesity. Experts were surprised whenever they noticed, that after staying fed a diet including vanilla yogurt, the mouse test group discovered a heightened sex drive.

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The key to sexiness may lie in yogurt—at least for mice. In the human world, studies have connected yogurt to weight loss, but sexiness? Not yet.

I definitely passed on that wisdom, along with the garlic clove in your vag advice also not a good idea, FYIthroughout university, and vividly remember tiny booklets about vaginal health passed out at school recommending rubbing live, unflavoured, unsweetened yoghurt on your delicate bits. Good bacteria lactobacilli is good for our vagina and can remedy yeast infections. Live yoghurt contains lactobacilli.

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Then nibble on these ten sexy superfoods, which are extra high in nutrients needed for sexual health. You may believe that eating chocolate improves your mood. They're rich in zinc, a mineral that's important for male sexual health, testosterone levels and sperm production. Zinc is also important for healthy hair and for your senses of taste and smell.