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We have all been there, you unzip his pants and find a ginormous dick and you have absolutely no idea what to do with it and least of all how to suck it. You see, in my experience, I have found that sucking a small dick and sucking a big dick both have different techniques and both require different attention. You can read my advice on how to suck a small dick here.

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Illustration by Catherine Soule. Come on, you know you've tried it. If you have a penis, a mouth, 15 spare minutes, and even an iota of curiosity, you've tried to see just how close you can get your face to that pesky little pecker you carry around in your pants.

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Cock sucking stories. Then you do it…. Continue reading.

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Me and my love for the entire year had just broken up and I was sort of depressed. There was this freshman who sat in front of me who played the flute no shit! We went out on and off during the year and the summer came around.

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HomerHickam if you are the nasa guy: you are a fucking narc, loser. HomerHickam oh you "had nothing to do with her being fired"? I encourage everyone to speak out against his abusive practices.

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I remember the first time I had sex with another man back in I was a student in Kansas City and was staying in student housing. This was a new situation, having grown up in Iowa.

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Discussion in ' Teh Vestibule archive ' started by meepFeb 1, Every Wednesday at 3pm PT. Every Friday at 3PM!

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A furry became an intern for NASA and got instantly fired after telling someone on their council to suck their dick because this is If you're working for a public institution you'll have to like it or not be more conscious with words Homer was cool abt the situation but sadly other people weren't and they were the ones who insisted the girl be fired. Wow, Homer Hickam is kind of a jerk. Naomi did the right thing, this hectoring old dullard needs to be told off more.

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I love sucking dick. I love it when he kicks all the way back, manspreads, and I get to be on my knees worshiping his cock. I want him to caress my hair, stroke my face, toy with my ears and maybe gently guide me along.


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