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A list of top cars for teenagers, based in part on results provided by US News, but also ranked by you, the public. What are the best first cars for teenagers? This list of good first cars will help you feel better about sending your kid off into the world.

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According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety IIHSthe risk of a teenage driver being in a fatal crash is nearly triple that of drivers over the age of For maximum protection, the IIHS recommends that parents of teenagers and teen drivers buy or lease a car with electronic stability control and a high safety rating and to stay away from cars with high horsepower. Additionally, the American Automobile Association reports that newer cars tend to be safer for all drivers regardless of age as older cars can often cost more to maintain, get poorer gas mileage, and sometimes lack the safety features available in newer cars.

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The best cars for teen drivers, naturally, should also be the safest cars for teen drivers, since protecitng your teen driver is your first priority. You'll also want a car that is both affordable and reliable. We are here to help.

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All of those lists are crazy, with cars that cost more than the house you grew up in. I had to pay them back for half of its value. Cool Van Halen shirt, bro!

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Teens still want cars. Despite all the grim auto news, graduating seniors continue to fantasize about driving a spanking new ride to that momentous first day at college. So which cars are most popular with newly minted drivers?

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The best new car for teens is the Mazda3. There are other good options for new drivers. Digital Trends strives to spend time in every new car, and we published nearly 90 car reviews in

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That means we have to go cheap in the used car market. Most of the times, the kind of a car that fits all that requirement ends up looking like this Toyota Camry. So what?

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We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Choosing the best used car for a young driver will usually require compromises.

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In List Articles. They want one thing and you often want something else for them. They can have the style they desire while you stick to a budget and protect them at the same time.

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Deciding on the best car for a teenage driver depends on who is doing the deciding — the teens or their parents. Girls like cute cars that reflect their personality and are practical — usually smaller and fun to drive. They usually place less importance on performance and accessories than the guys. Parents want safe and dependable cars for their teens.