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A mother has helped her year-old son become a father by carrying his child as a surrogate. After surrogacy clinics across the country turned him away, and a female relative who had volunteered to be the carrier developed medical difficulties, Mrs Casson and her husband, Alan, decided she should step in and be the surrogate mother. They will know first-hand the plight of a young person desperate to be a parent.

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Bruce Downe from Connecticut decided to come out as gay after 23 years of marriage with his ex-wife. Embracing his true self was celebrated when attending the parade with his son, who also previously came out as gay, on Sunday. The man divorced his wife, Joanne Hamilton, inand she revealed quickly after that she was actually a lesbian.

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And why the hell not? Scroll down to see photos of gay daddy-os. And let us know what you think in the comments section below: Is age really just a number?

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People ask me about that all time. I like curious people, and I like telling stories. I told one just the other day as a matter of fact — about my foster son and me discussing religion while he was knocking over old ladies on his skateboard.

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Celebrity gay fathers, whether they're actors, activists, musicians, or politicians, are showing the world that love is what makes a family. My last girlfriend in high school—when I was 15—became pregnant with my child but did not tell me," Brown shared with Parents. Afterward, he immediately took custody of his son, Jason.

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These bad boys are the real deal. Forget socks or a lame af stripy tie — get Dad a super fresh retro briefcase record player. Bound in leatherette, this briefcase-style retro turntable plays 3 speeds of your fave vinyl tracks, with built-in twin speakers.

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When I was 11, I found out that my dad was gay. Still, I was confused. This wasand there were no healthy representations of gay people in the media, and I had absolutely no idea what having a gay dad would mean for me. Despite the emotional turbulence my dad and I had been through, I counted myself lucky.

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Skip navigation! There it is. Though we're two gay dads living in Greenwich Village, our fridge suddenly features one of the most typical suburban items: A magnet emblazoned with a picture of our smiling 6-year-old in his official baseball uniform, holding a bat.

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By JD Uy on October 12, And so, it come to me to walk … trying to educate people on acceptance. The bullying comes from not accepting people for who they are…. Tragically, Bell was struck and killed while walking this past Wednesday evening.